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Our educational process begins by establishing clear definitions for terms such as: culture, art, entertainment, amusement, leisure, rest, relax, free time, sensitization, social responsibility.

We then determine why these terms are important for the development of humanity and we include courses which guide the participant to understand human psychology and the frameworks of thought by which societies function.

The next step is to introduce our STAIRWAY TO HAPPINESS concept as the axis around which we shall spin each new concept we introduce.

It is then the turn to explain the importance of concept design, audiovisual design and creativity, both pure and applied.

This leads to mind broadening exercises and recognition of technological tools which enhance creativity and design, as well as those tools needed to run virtual and traditional media.

At this point we rationalize on structures and methods which an organization requires to manage all of the above topics.

Parallel to all of the above we teach those traditional topics which keep the operation running in time, allowing for its sustainability: finances, administration, marketing, accounting, economy, law, project development.

Our goal is to prepare:

1. Sound, visual, audiovisual and special event designers
2. Art and culture promoters
3. Amusement and entertainment managers
4. Special events and audiovisual producers

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