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I.S.P. is a program by which 
professionals of diverse walks of life 
arrive in Lima to give seminars to 
explain the nuts and bolts of their life 
long experiences on compulsory 
topics for the professional 
development of those who work or 
want to work in the diverse fields 
related to entertainment 

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I.V.P.  is a travel abroad program for 
Peruvians who want to be part of 
hands on experiences, to understand 
what it is to work in entertainment 
production centers. Upon arrival they 
shall be welcomed by professionals 
and technicians who will explain 
what it is they do to run institutions 
such as theme parks operate as 

Our programs have been created to give practical knowledge, hands on experience and to allow people to be able to establish personal contacts. We have prepared it for those who labour or want to labour in museums, theme parks,  big commercial centres, malls, hotels, travel agencies, event production companies; corporate image, human resources and marketing and social assistance areas; institutions dedicated to health and wellness, government offices dedicated to promote art, culture, sports and entertainment; as well as military, religious or diplomacy protocols and circumstances.

In general, they are for anybody who has or wants to assume the responsibility to take care of third parties in public occasions.

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