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So that we are sure we understand each other let us give this explanation in English.

To make good use of your CASTELLANO immersion trip, you must already know your grammar and, at least, basic structures and have a reasonable vocabulary.

What we will do for you is train your ear and allow for you to speak in a real live environment (it shall all be about context), discussing and debating about local art, music, literature,... and also food, politics, business and economy. This will definitely enrich your vocabulary, your pronunciation and how you pick words to say something as you face situations that will become part of your real life... and we will be on you to see that you write too; and the best part of it is that you'll enjoy every minute of this ordeal, watching performers, listening to their explanations, while having great (meaning tasty and nutritious) food and beverages.

If your CASTELLANO is not that good yet... well, you can also visit us and practice. We will also give you pointers and leads.

For further information please contact us.

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