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There is a country that faces bodies of water on both its ends (the Pacific Ocean to the West and the Amazon basin to the East if we may boast)... it is that place known as Peru... a few acres of this land and the ancient knowledge of its people will save the planet if we ever cross the line... we are the Custodians.

“If there were a planetary catastrophe and I had the possibility to choose a country to save and reconstruct the planet, without a doubt, I would choose Peru.”  David Bellamy, English botanist and environmental educator, at the turn of the millenium.

From all over Peru
People come and buy wellness
Herbs to make you feel better
Ever heard of Sacha Inchi?
Nice packaging, wouldn't you say so?
... and we have great music too!
every colour you might think of!!!
organic food for everyone
greens for all needs and wishes
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