Integrated Natural Resources, LLC

Las Vegas, NV (USA) ● Irvine, CA (USA) ● Manila, The Philippines

Lima, Peru ● Santiago, Chile

Integrated Natural Resources™ develops and implements Agricultural-based Economic Development and Job Creation strategies and Natural Resource Management, through technology development and deployment, education, management and a multi-dimensional approach to managing natural resources through responsible planning, development and sustainability.


● Agriculture

       - Regenerative Agriculture (Soil & Soil Health)

       - Organic Inputs

       - Sustainable Growing Methodologies

       - Technology

       - Carbon Sequestration

       - Climate Change

       - Crop / Plant Nutrition

       - Increase Yield

       - Agroforestry

       - Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)/Technology

● Water/ Water Usage/Water Conservation

● Infrastructure Development

● Education Program Development

● Executive Management

● Science / Plant Physiology

● Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass)

● Brand Development

● International Marketing

● Symposiums & Seminars

Tel: 995-014-231

Estamos en este fascinante momento de ver, por fin, que surge toda nuestra plataforma tanto en el mundo virtual como en el mundo real.

Y ya estamos listos con nuestro primer ciclo de eventos internacionales para 2020.




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