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Vilko Dorsner


The travel industry is growing and developing in a new and interesting way.

So, I, Vilko Dorsner, a Clefs d'Or member and founder

of the Peru Concierge Association;

have decided it's time to create, alongside 

my very professional and fun-to-be-with team, 


to offer international travelers as well as local clientele,

a list of radically different experiences in Lima in particular and Peru in general.  



Some of the services we can provide you with:

• Customized tours in Lima and Peru... for your personal 


• "Castellano"  or  "Español"  (the  two  mean  the  same)     immersion  dynamics  so  you  can better practice your 


• Local airport transfer

• Hotel and restaurant reservations

• Tickets to local concerts and performing arts shows

• Reservations for corporate events

• Event concepts, planning and production

• Bird watching

• Gift - buying and locating hard - to - find items as well

  as collectibles

• Walking tours of "THOSE SPECIAL PLACES" in the city

• Arquitectural tours

• More than just guided visits to museums, art galleries

  and libraries

• Car rental (with or without driver)

• Nanny services

• Translation and interpretation: English, German, French

  (... and other languages too).

• Don't be shy if there is anything else you need, just let

   us know in advance and we can fix it for you



  1. CAJON, the Peruvian BOX DRUM - we cross the Rimac river to listen and dance with a pisco sour in hand, within a CAJON workshop where they also show us how they are built as they tell us of the traditions of this old percussion instrument

  2. Peruvian baroque music - viceroyal singers and music backdropped by churches and monasteries

  3. The MARINERA fling - watch marinera being performed in a contemporary manner within the beautiful historically  important premises of the oldest university in the Americas: SAN MARCOS

  4. ROVING barranquino - a walk from art gallery to art gallery in the district of Barranco as we are surrounded by dancers and musicians until we reach a bar where a "ghost" will give us a final performance

  5. DANCE with us - learn the main steps of two to three typical Peruvian dances with a teacher, dancers, live music and the explanation to the dances and the use of typical costumes 

  6. Eclectic tours in museums and art galleries guided by a visual artist or curator or historian

  7. Test and improve your Spanish level on the ground by chatting with locals who will drive you through your own questions into the magic language of Guaman Poma de Ayala, Cervantes and Vargas Llosa; as we understand it in the land of the Incas and the sun... the country now known as Peru 



I have been in the travel business for more than 40 years.
My first job was with Lufthansa. Then I moved on and started working in my own  
travel agency. After I sold the agency, I moved to Madrid, Spain, to venture in the European market.
Then I returned to Peru to work as an independent tour conductor for several travel   
agencies, leading groups around Peru.   

One of my dreams was to work in a prestigious hotel and I became chef concierge of the
El Pardo Doubletree by Hilton Hotel. During my 7 years in this position I envisioned and founded   
the Peruvian Concierge Association and became a Clefs d’Or member   
of the Union International des Concierges d'Hotels.   

I then decided to create Lima Concierge Service to offer my vast experience and
knowledge of Peru to international and local travellers.   

I’m fluent in English, German and French and of course Spanish.  

I welcome you to consult our services and find new experiences and ways of traveling in Lima and Peru.

Vilko Dorsner


Contact us


Margot Lopez Linares: +41787451953


Franklin Jáuregui: 1-480-204-7481


Miguel Flores: 51 995-014-231

Vilko Dorsner: 51 997-282-122


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